FEBRUARY 21, 2011


The following Gwinn Middle School students were named Students of the Month for February:  Mr. Jacob Maki – 7th grade; Ms. Natasha Rzanca – 7th grade; Mr. Erik Asplund – 8th grade; Ms. Annie Boyer – 8th grade.


Mr. Dustin St. Arnaud was named Gwinn High School’s “Student of the Month” for February.


The Board enjoyed a short performance by Gwinn High School’s Chorale Mixed Ensemble and Women’s Ensemble.  It was noted that they had received a perfect score at the recent Solo & Ensemble competition. 


Claims in the amount of $451,279 were approved for payment.


District News

Gilbert Elementary School

·         Congratulations to our Students of the Month:  Lena Pleaugh & Conner Dupras (Kdg.); Kaylee Varner & Leah Belden (1st); Natasha Marsh & Abigail Cramer (2nd); Megan Allie & Kadie LaRock (3rd); Paige MacDonald & Mallory Delmont (4th); Julie Vaughn & Trinity Sebaly (5th); Rylee Barto & Noah Wixtrom (6th). 

·         Congratulations to Isaac Redlon (5th grade) for placing 1st and Jordan Girard (6th grade) for placing 3rd at the Regional Spelling Bee!

·         The PTO's Little Caesar's fundraising wrapped up at the end of January and brought in a little over $2,200.  It was a great success.  Thanks to all those who participated!!!

 KI Sawyer Elementary School

·         We had 73 visitors, including parents and grandparents, at our school on February 15th for “Be our Guest Day.”  Some guests also joined us at breakfast and lunch.  We had some nice positive press on TV6 from this event.

·         Congratulations to our Students of the Month: Zachary Burgess, Abbygayle David & Nick Shiner (Kdg.); Ashton Oliver & Dakota Gereau-Thompson (1st); Belicia Brown, Jager Holm, & Daylee O’Donnell (2nd); Rylee Lester & Malorie Couillard (3rd); Becka Castor,  & Nathan Belongia (4th); Terry Prisk & Claire Hohman (5th); and Faith Anderson & Samantha Koski (6th).

·         Congratulations to our recent Students of the Week: Becca Thiel (Mrs. Woodring’s class), Alyssa Vanlerberghe (Mrs. Gustitis’s class), Shelby Garrow (Miss Usher’s class), Josie Woodruff (Mrs. Belpedio’s class) Kaitlyn Hughes (Mrs. Paulsen’s class), Adrian McLean (Mrs. Miilu’s class).

·         We have a newly formed Student Council made up of 12 students representing 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Current projects include “Be Our Guest Day” and “Pop Your Top and Read”.

Gwinn Middle School

·         Congratulations to the following students for their recent performances at Vocal Solo & Ensemble held in Negaunee:  Division One Ratings:  Gwinn Middle School Chorus Ensemble; Vocal Duet – Cheyanne Njust and Ann Taylor; Vocal Solo – Mara Westman.

·         Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. VanDrese were invited to Sault High School’s Challenge Day on February 7.  What an incredible experience!  We are so looking forward to our three Challenge Days in March!

·         Congratulations to the 7th grade Boys Basketball team for winning the Eastern Division Conference this year!

·         Congratulations to our District Spelling Bee winners:  Bobby Proulx and Bradley Veale (7th grade) and Luke Redlon and Peter Asavesna (8th grade).  Congratulations also to Bradley Veale (7th grade) for placing 3rd and Luke Redlon (8th grade) for placing 4th at the Regional Spelling Bee!

·         Congratulations to the following students for their recent performances at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble:  Division One Ratings:  Solos – Bobby Proulx, Autumn Peterson, Peter Asavesna, Abigail Cairns, and Anja Turecky; Duets – Bradley Veale and Alex Flinn, Aidan Anderson and Peter Asavesna, Brett Ketola and Aidan Anderson; Trio – Desiree Love, Natasha Rzanca and McKayla Rivord.  Division Two Ratings:  Solos – LeAnn Brinker, Dakota Draper; Duets – Makayla Peterson and Autumn Peterson, Natasha Rzanca and Desiree Love.  Sophie Rosevear’s clarinet solo was played perfectly, but was not long enough for a rating.

·         Congratulations to the GMS Science Olympiad Team for a great competition at NMU on February 12, tying for 7th place out of 11 teams.  The team earned 2nd place medals in Fossils, Ecology, and Optics, and a 3rd place medal for Disease Detectives.

·         Congratulations to Maci Kugler (7th grade) who won 3rd place and $20 for the 10-14 year old group for her horse drawing which she entered in Marquette’s Glacier Glide art show this past weekend. 

Gwinn High School

·         Congratulations to Amber LaFavre for taking 8th place (out of 15) in the state of Michigan for the Voice of Democracy Audio-Essay Contest.  Amber will receive a $1000 scholarship from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

·         Congratulations to the following students for their recent performances at Vocal Solo & Ensemble held in Negaunee:  Division One Ratings:  *Chorale Women’s Ensemble (perfect score); Chorale Mixed Ensemble (perfect score); Chorale Men’s Ensemble; Chorale Quartet – Ellie Woodruff, Alana Smith, Blake Dickey and Kaleb Kangas; Vocal Duet – Erica Sanford and CJ Jenerou; Vocal Solos – Blake Dickey, Brendan Espinosa, Ellie Woodruff, Kaleb Kangas, Dayla Roberts, Erica Sanford, Glory Rice, Toni Meni, and Angelica Speruzzi.  Division Two Ratings:  Gwinn High School Chorus Ensemble; Vocal Trio:  Angelica Speruzzi, Rebecca Rearick, and Jessie Holman; and Glory Rice, Isabelle Barnhart, and Toni Meni; Vocal Solo:  CJ Jenerou.

·         Congratulations to Blake Dickey and Brendan Espinosa, soloists, and the Chorale Women’s Ensemble for being chosen as outstanding events at the festival.  They performed in a special Honors Concert on February 13th at NMU.

·         Congratulations to the following students for their recent performances at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble held in Negaunee:  Division One Ratings:  Dominique DePas, clarinet solo; Joseph Duckworth, soprano and alto saxophone solo; Matt Moilanen, trumpet solo; Joseph Duckworth, Max McPherson, Dominique DePas and James Osterman, saxophone quartet.  Division Two Ratings:  Zachary Borrett, clarinet solo; Erik Flinn, snare drum solo; Erik Flinn and David Hill, snare drum duet.  Division Three Ratings:  Erik Flinn, xylophone solo, David Hill, vibraphone solo.

·         Congratulations to Dominique DePas, Joseph Duckworth, Matt Moilanen, Max McPherson and James Osterman as they have advanced to the State Solo & Ensemble Festival March 26 at L’Anse High School.

·         Congratulations to Onyx Nelson (honorable mention), Amber LaFavre (Silver Key award) and Kara Wixtrom (Silver Key award) for placing in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. 

·         Congratulations to Jessi Gygi (12th grade) who won first place and $40 in the 15-18 year old group for her Kool-aid prom dress which she entered in Marquette’s Glacier Glide art show.  Congratulations to Amanda Feliciano, Kayla Feliciano, Ashley Humphrey, Ashley Shelafoe, Jessie Smith, Bianca Wittcop, Maci Mitchell, Meghan Bertrand, and Darian Prince who also entered exhibits into the Glacier Glide Art Show this past weekend as well.

·         The girl’s basketball team will compete in the district tournament on March 2nd at Westwood HS against Negaunee at 8:00 pm.; the boy’s basketball team will compete in the district tournament on March 9th at Ishpeming HS against Ishpeming at 6:00 pm.

·         Congratulations to Austin Drayton and Tyler Radtke who advanced to individual regional competition for the wrestling team.  Both competed in Rogers City this past weekend after having medaled in the district qualifying tournament the previous week.

·         Congratulations to the GHS Science Olympiad team took 3rd place in the regional competition.  They will advance to state competition in Lansing on April 30th.


Superintendent Maino reviewed minutes from the recent Curriculum, Personnel and SEHAC Committee meetings.  Mr. Maino also gave a brief update on various topics including: Board Committee assignments for 2011, upcoming “Challenge Day” activities at GMS/GHS, a comprehensive review of the January 25, 2011 Board Work Session, the financial status of the middle school renovation project, and a brief review of the recently unveiled budget from Governor Snyder. 


Superintendent Maino updated the Board on Excellence in Education Week which will be May 2-6, 2011.  Congratulations to the following students and their influential educators:  Caleb Eckloff (Amy Anderson), Ji-In Min (Amy Anderson), Spencer Paris (Amy Anderson), Matthew Sinnaeve (Amy Anderson), Cameron Smith (Joe Routhier), as well as the District’s Professional Development grant winners Susan Anderson (special education teacher, GMS) and Debbie Goldsworthy (5th grade teacher, Gilbert Elementary).




The Board took action on the following:

·         Approved the District’s 2010-11 amended budget, which shows a $2,080,429 General Fund balance as of June 30, 2011.

·         Approved a recommendation from the District Curriculum Committee allowing students to earn high school credit for foreign language class taken in middle school, starting with the class of 2016. 

·         Approved a recommendation from the District SEHAC Committee to teach “Puberty: the Wonder Years” curriculum for teaching the Growth and Development Health Grade Level Content Expectations.  Students will be separated by gender during these lessons. 

·         Approved a contract between GACS and Wells Township Schools for reimbursement to Wells Township for transportation costs for Wells Township high school students attending GHS.

·         Passed a resolution approving changes to the District’s Cafeteria Plan in accordance with IRS regulations.    

·         Set a special Board meeting for Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.  Agenda items will include a review of projected revenues/expenditures for 2011-12 and a review of the Superintendent’s annual evaluation.      

·         Set a special Board Meeting for Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. to interview one internal candidate who is interested in the Superintendent's position when Mr. Maino retires. 

·         Authorized the Superintendent to request a quote from HiTec Building Services for cleaning services beyond their current contract, which expires this year. 

·         Approved the GHS CADD class educational field trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 28-29, 2011, as a Board-sponsored activity.

·         Approved the GHS Science Olympiad team trip to State competition in East Lansing, Michigan, on April 29-May 1, 2011, as a Board-sponsored activity.

·         Accepted the resignations of the following personnel:

1.     Jack Heidtman – bus driver/MS HS noon hour supervisor, effective date of resignation – January 18, 2011

2.     Suzanne Mills – assistant cook, Gwinn High School, effective date of resignation – January 26, 2011

·         Accepted, with great appreciation, the following gifts and donations:

1.     Tailwinds Bar & Grill – popcorn and popping oil donated to KI Sawyer Elementary School

·         Approved, as a 1st reading, changes to District Policy #2112 (Parent Involvement in the School Program).


The Board then adjourned to Executive Session to discuss negotiations and attorney correspondence.